All Natural Dog Chews Made from Ancient Himalayan Recipe

For generations, the people of the Himalayan Highlands have been blending yak milk, salt, and lime juice into hard cheese known as Churpi. Originally made as a snack for humans, the hardened Churpi cheese was discovered by the canine community as a natural, chemical and preservative-free treat for pets.

Canines are attracted to the slight scent of cheese from the ChurpiChews™. These low-fat, cheesy treats last longer than traditional meaty sticks or other bland treats commonly found in big box pet supply stores. Pet owners on the hunt for healthier snacks for their four-legged friend find ChurpiChews™ as an ideal alternative.

“Customers continually tell us how these chews keep their pets occupied better than any chewbone they’ve ever purchased and appreciate the fact they’re all-natural with no byproducts found in other kinds of treats.” says Michael Thomas, VP of Business Development for QT Dog. ChurpiChews™ also soften as they are chewed promoting dental hygiene which help reduce visits to the doggy dentist.

ChurpiChews™ are available in 3 different sizes making the all-natural treat suitable for any sized dog. They can be purchased online from Brake-fast at

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