Customer Reviews of Slow Feed Dog Bowls

Real Brake-Fast Slow Fee Dog Bowls Reviews from some of our customers...

"Just wanted to say what a great buy this bowl was - we received ours last week and our eldest Dachshund actually breathes between mouthfulls!!!  She used to inhale her meal but now - wow - she is actually crunching and takes the same time as the other Dachshund!!!  THANK YOU!!! This is a huge help!!!"

"I just wanted  to let your company know how pleased I was with the medium Brake-Fast bowl I purchased from you!! My mixed breed puppy was eating way too fast because she had to compete with another puppy in the same kennel at the humane society where I adopted her. The bowl works excellent and I will recommend this bowl to other people for this problem. Thanks again!" 
Pamela Meier

"Oh my gosh, your product is amazing!!  We have an 8 month weimaraner who is a rescue dog.  She was in foster care with 5 adults and 2 litters of puppies, so she had to eat her food fast or another dog would take it.  She inhaled her food.  I mean, she wasnt just a fast eater.  By the time I would sit her food down and then turn around back to the counter, she would be finished.  I tried everything - putting an obstacle in her bowl, feeding her a little at a time, spreading  her kibble out across the floor.  Nothing worked.  NOTHING.  We tried to self regulate her, thinking she needed to learn that food would always be there, but a $4000 vet bill later, and she cant be self regulated.  I used to dread feeding time.  Our other two dogs eat slow slowly, but shes so fast she would start bugging them before they were finished.  But, I received your bowl in the mail today and just tried it for her dinner.  ITS AMAZING!!!!!!  It actually took her longer to eat her food than it took the other dogs.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Amy Spring, Texas

"I have had my minature schnauzer, Grady, for 6 years and he ate so fast that I had to feed him on a dinner plate (suggestion from the Internet). For these 6 years, he would eat, throw up because he ate so fast, and re-eat the food which was not even digested and some not even chewed, everyday. I have been using your brake-fast bowl for about two weeks now, and he has not even thrown up once. Thank you!'

"I wanted to let you know how much I love your product. We saw an advertisment in Pointing Dog Journal and ordered two right away.  Its worked wonders for our German Shorthaired Pointer, Otis. A couple years ago Otis was diagnosed with a Cortisol Deficiency and the treatment is prednisone. Unfortuntely probably for the rest of his life.  He quickly became constantly hungry and would basically inhale his food never seeming to satisfy. Your bowl has made a world of difference.  When it used to take Otis 30 seconds to eat his meal, it now takes probably 3 minutes.  Also he now seems satisfied - at least for a bit :) I am a VERY active volunteer with a German Shorthaired Pointer rescue group in New Jersey and Ive shared your product information with everyone involved.  I plan to tell every dog owner I know about it.  We even shared it with our veterinary group. Nice job!  Thanks again."

"My husband and I ordered two bowls from you a few weeks ago in that we have two Pointer females that get sick every time we feed them. Well your bowls work! We are so pleased with them and we wanted you to know.Our girls, Rosie and Hannah eat normally now."
Dianne and Carl Bowman, Louisville, KY

"I received my Brake-Fast dog bowl today and just used it for the first time. All I can say is kudos to the team for this one! Our one year Yellow Lab has virtually inhaled his meals in way under 60 seconds since his recent hip surgery when his portions were significantly cut back for several weeks. Feeding time became a frenzy for him to such an extent that we all worried this bad habit would eventually catch up with him.Well I am please to announce that Mr. Under-a-Minute&Breathless took almost 4 mins to satisfy himself the bowl was indeed empty. Unprecedented!This may not sound like much to anyone unfamiliar with the Piranha like feeding frenzy of this puppy...but we all stood around amazed and he actually seemed to enjoy the challenge. The bowl made it around the kitchen twice as he licked, looked and lapped at it. Amazing! My son calls it Murphys Lego Bowl and I think we will all enjoy his mealtime a bit more now.Thanks for your great product!"
-Linda P.

"We just received our brake-fast bowls two days ago. I must say it takes us much longer to eat, but unless our minds are deceiving us or our stomachs, we seem much more satisfied. Mom helps us out with the last few kernels of dog food poured out on our little table, but otherwise, our dinner has doubled in time to eat.  And so far, no upchucks. And with these bowls we can carry them ourselves to our food bin to be filled. We love them!!"
Diane T.- Centennial, CO.

"Hello,I just wanted to contact you about the new Brake-Fast bowl I purchased from you last week.  I saw an article about this in Pointing Dog Journal and ordered it the same day. One of my Brittanys, Tobi, (pictured on left) just about inhales her food when she eats.  She is now 4 years old and has been doing this since she was about 4 weeks old.  I also own her mother, Breeze and she has never had this sort of problem. Tobi has had me so concerned about the possibly getting Bloat that I've fed her daily with my foot on top of her bowl since she was a puppy. This bowl is unbelievable!!  Tobi is now eating slowly, in fact slower than her mother, which has never been the case.  She cannot gulp and in fact, is even licking her food up when her food is at about the half gone stage. After 4 years of standing with her each and every time she eats to prevent bolting I am THRILLED with this product.  Thank you SO much for this.  You have made feeding time so much easier for Tobi and me.  I will pass the word around to as many people as possible including my veterinarian about this bowl. I have a neice who is a veterinarian in St. Louis and Ive sent the information as well.
Thanks again for developing an outstanding product!!'