Brake-fast first begun their endeavors with the patented Brake-fast® Slow Feed Dog Bowl. The idea originated when innovator Michael Kitchen thought how there had to be a simple yet safe and effective way to slow down his dog's fast eating habits. After speaking with a few friends  about his idea, he quickly learned that scarfing down chow too fast was a widespread problem. Further research showed how fast and furious eating (especially with puppies) can lead to extremely painful gas and bloat which can often lead to an array of digestive problems.


After building a few prototypes, the medium sized Brake-fast Bowl was born (read Brake-fast bowl reviews and testimonies). Small and large dog bowl sizes are now available as plastic or stainless steel dog bowls.


We are committed to offering healthier pet supply alternatives and are dedicated to offering simple, problem-solving dog products to help keep your dog strong and healthy. In addition to bowls that "slow the chow down", we are proud to offer natural dog treats, stainless steel dog bowls, and elevated dog feeders and diners.