Why Dogs Go Crazy Over Bully Sticks

Why Dogs Go Crazy Over Bully Sticks

Have you ever wondered why many companies producing bully sticks are so conservative in labeling their products? Curious why the store clerk’s face turns red like a chili pepper when you inquire about these sticks? Are you trying to figure out the main ingredients but don't have a clue?

The terms rawhide, beef knuckles, ribs, pig ears and hooves are petty much self-explanatory, but what about these sticks? Why so much mystery? Some modest merchants may occasionally refer to them as “beef tendons” or “dried muscles" which is half a truth. It’s time to announce to the world what these sticks really are because according to a survey a good amount of people are pretty much clueless about them. 

Are you ready? A bully stick is made of a bull’s private parts. You don’t need to attend an anatomy class to figure out though that a bull’s penis in nature doesn't really look like that dry stick Rover is so crazy about. What happens is the bull’s penis which generally measures about 25 inches is cleaned and then hung in the air so the fluids are drained off. Afterward, it is stretched up to 40 inches, and then divided into smaller sticks measuring anywhere between 4 inches and 30 inches. Depending on the type of treat, the stick may be left just as is or may be further braided and twisted. When the stick is finally dried, the tasty smoky flavor Rover craves so much is added.

Why choose bully sticks? For starters, they make very durable chew treats. The average bone Rovers consumes in an hour can’t compete with bully sticks. Don’t be surprised if by the time you have finished watching a two-hour movie or finished talking on the phone with a chatty neighbor, Rover has only chewed off a tiny tip. Small dogs can chew on the same stick for weeks. A larger dog may take a few days, depending on the stick's size and the dog's chewing power.

Are bully sticks safe? Yes! Bully sticks are safe and offer a better option compared to the average rawhide bone since they don’t splinter or break up into large indigestible pieces. Best of all, bully sticks are made of 100 percent natural single ingredient items, they contain no fillers and are good sources of high-quality protein. Not to mention the fact that they offer an explosion of flavor that is also great for Rover’s teeth.

Don’t be surprised if Rover drools buckets of saliva at the sight or smell of these  sticks; these treats are so tantalizing your dog will do summersaults for them. You don't really need to look for bully stick reviews as Rover's behavior does all the talking. This explains why so many people are purchasing these sticks for their dogs.

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  • Mo

    Just got my dog one of these on a recommendation. I couldn’t even get inside the door before Dino Flinstoned me trying to get to the bag. Kinda pricey, won’t last him days but it sure is making him happy right now.

  • Darlene

    My dogs go crazy for these

  • PEGGY Clayton

    My hyper Jack Russell loves.Keeps her occupied for hrs .Great product

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