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Why Dogs Go Crazy Over Bully Sticks

Posted by QT Dog on

Why Dogs Go Crazy Over Bully Sticks


Have you ever wondered why many companies producing bully sticks are so conservative in labeling their products? Curious why the store clerk’s face turns red like a chili pepper when you inquire about these sticks? Are you trying to figure out the main ingredients but don't have a clue?


The terms rawhide, beef knuckles, ribs, pig ears and hooves are petty much self-explanatory, but what about these sticks? Why so much mystery? Some modest merchants may occasionally refer to them as “beef tendons” or “dried muscles" which is half a truth. It’s time to announce to the world what these sticks really are because according to a survey a good amount of people are pretty much clueless about them.  Read more about bully sticks.

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